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HK: Hardcore

HK’s DJ days began in 2010 originally as a UK Hardcore artist in the cold depths of Denver, CO. As the years progressed she found herself craving harder and darker sounds to better reflect her soul and was fulfilled when she was introduced to Hardcore. It was love at first sound bite which has lead her across the US to immerse herself in the community of harder music.

Equipped with rough, grimy sounds, she is sure to bring out the delightful side of darkness within you.


ThiiNyx: Hardcore, Drum & Bass

If you love the hardcore, drum and bass, and video game music and all that is awesome, ThiiNyx (originally DJ Z3r-0) is an act you will not be disappointed in. Since his debut at Phoenix Comicon 2012 at the Poke-Rave, his popularity in the convention scene have grown significantly. If you have been waiting to party like no tomorrow, get ready for ThiiNyx!



Blakeland: Trance, Techno

For over a decade Blakeland has been a favorite at local Raves, Clubs and Conventions around Arizona. His love for heavy basslines and melodies will entrance you as he delivers a set that is both driving and powerful playing a mixture of Trance, Psy and Techno. The only disappointing thing will be if you miss this set.

K.O.R.E: Hardcore


K.O.R.E is an American Hardcore Producer and DJ who specializes in the straight to the point no bullshit bang your head sound. K.O.R.E started his journey back in Southern California at the age of 16, hearing the music for the first time on an online radio show he knew that he found the outlet he needed to express his creative side. K.O.R.E. then moved to Arizona where he now resides. K.O.R.E. has worked with many artists, and played all over the globe. You can find his works on labels such as Partyraiser Recordings, Mokum Records and Six Feet Underground Records. K.O.R.E is also involved with collaboration projects such as God Squad.

Prepare your ears for an onslaught of energy and emotion when K.O.R.E comes to town or releases a new track, it will always leave you wanting; no craving for more, and he will show you why Hardcore will never die!


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